Evaluation Services


Commercial Evaluation reports are designed for assessing most property types in most markets. All reports conform to Federal Interagency Guidelines (IAG).

Commercial Evaluation Report
Financial institutions of all sizes, loan service providers, due diligence companies, hedge funds, government entities and other real estate holding companies look to Ascribe for accurate commercial property evaluations. We facilitate the delivery of relevant evaluations managing our extensive network of vetted real estate agents & brokers who know the local subject market.

• Listing information for the subject
• Prior transaction history for the subject
• Three comparable listings
• Three comparable sales
• Income approach
• Multiple photos of subject property
• Location map
• In-depth commentary throughout the report
• Line items
• Line item adjustments
• Relevant market conditions and objective narrative

Sales Comparison Evaluations

Sales Comparison Evaluation Report is an alternative and lower-cost evaluation that may be ordered on select commercial building types and uses. The Sales Comparison Evaluation focuses on sales comparison analysis only and the report contains three recently sold comparables within general proximity to the subject. Additionally, numerous photos and a location map depicting the subject property and comparable sales are included. An exterior inspection is performed by the field vendor, with interior inspections available for an additional cost.

Property Inspection Report

The Commercial Property Condition report provides an accurate and present-day condition assessment of the asset. The Commercial Property Inspection Report is an inexpensive and valuable tool for lenders, investors, and servicers and may be used for:

• Asset monitoring – Annual review prior to renewals, portfolio management
• Asset Condition Monitoring in FEMA disaster areas
• Post natural disaster
• Asset review for potential fraudulent activity


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