REO/Asset Management Services


Ascribe specializes in the management and disposition of REO (real estate owned) properties. As an industry leader, Ascribe partners with clients to better assess and implement management strategies at an asset-level, enhancing execution and optimizing returns. This approach aligns workflow with client objectives, creating a best-in-class management practice for diverse customers and portfolios.
The process supports all types of mortgage servicing clients. Ascribe is the premier provider of solutions surrounding both traditional (forward) and reverse mortgage REO portfolios.

End-to-End REO Disposition

Ascribe supports all processes within the REO asset life cycle, creating an unparalleled level of transparency with clients. Ascribe ensures each property is critically managed to reduce costs, while simultaneously aggregating critical data inputs to determine the most appropriate asset-level disposition strategy, including: As-Is, Repaired, Occupied Sale, Auction, Rental Conversion and Off-Market Alternatives (ex: bulk sales).

Ascribe creates a strong marketplace to engage and coordinate with all appropriate parties required to manage a property through the disposition channel, from clients / asset owners to realtors, contractors, title/escrow firms, and attorneys. Accordingly, Ascribe’s full life cycle solution includes:
• Redemption and Confirmation Oversight
• Eviction and Cash for Keys Management
• Pre-Marketing and Strategy Development
• Property Preservation and Repair Management Oversight
• Sales and Marketing
• Offer Negotiation and Management
• Closing Coordination
• Title Curative
• Vendor Management

Component Services

Ascribe also provides components of the asset disposition process as individual solutions for clients with diverse management models. This includes, but is not limited to, offering scalable support for eviction management, strategy and market plan development, and performance and vendor oversight and reporting.

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